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We have a team of Elders who, with help from the deacons and ministry leaders, lead the church.

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Kurtis Merrithew

Kurtis Merrithew started at Trinity Owen Sound in January 2022.


Before that he interned at Bradford Baptist Church serving in all manner of ministry from Sunday school to regular preaching. He graduated from Tyndale University in Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies/theology and philosophy, and continues to learn and study these topics even when he’s supposed to be doing sermon prep.


Although he lived in the Newmarket area for most of his life, he is delighted to have moved to Owen Sound with its many natural wonders and wonderful people. He also enjoys music, movies, and appreciating the great outdoors.

Richard Petan

Richard and Carolyn Petan have been part of Trinity Church for many years with Richard serving as an Elder for several years.

Richard works full-time and Carolyn is a full-time mom to their four boys. 

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Paul Westcott

Paul and Pat Westcott have been part of Trinity Church for over thirty years with Paul serving as an Elder for most of that time.

Paul works full-time. They have six children and many grandchildren who keep them busy in their spare time.  

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