At Trinity Church, we believe that we need to continue the practice of gathering together and encouraging and supporting one another as brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the week.

We are in the process of organizing small home groups, so keep checking back here to see what is new!

You can also find recommend reads from our Pastors at the bottom of this page.


20s & 30s Bible Study


Thrive is a Bible study for those of us in the church in our twenties and thirties. In these two decades of life, we generally make a lot of big decisions about our futures, such as whether to marry and have children, and when to buy a home just to name a few.

In this group, we talk about how we can navigate this time in our lives while being committed followers of Jesus.  We would love for you to join the group as we study God's word together and talk about how to apply it to our lives.

Prayer and Worship

Tuesday Morning Bible Study Tuesdays from 10am-11:30am

People and Bible study are our focus along with prayer. For the present "series", we are studying from the book of Psalms.


Open to anyone interested in coming and joining the small group. 

Will be on break in August

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More Small Groups To Be Announced
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