• Michael Coltman

WITH you (John Stanley)

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

In 2017 my brother joe had an awesome job at Honda and was 2 years from retirement when he went to the Dr about abdomen pain. Joe had surgery to remove a growth that turned out to be cancer. He was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 with no hope of recovery so joe opted out of chemo and radiation . He would do only pain control.

He went downhill fast but regretted that he had not gone back to Africa to visit his birth place one more time . His kids heard his request and raised the money quickly on “ gofundme”. Joe was overwhelmed by this but had deteriorated beyond any hope of going on this trip so he gave the funds away to a needy family with a child at Sick Kids Hospital.

This news went public online and rich executives offered joe first class tickets to Africa but joe was still too ill . Instead of cancelling the trip that was to happen in a couple days, Joe and I prayed that God would do whatever He pleased with whatever was happening with all this. I drove from Barrie home to Owen Sound and soon after arriving received a call from an old friend in London Ontario. As we talked I told him about Joe.  My friend ( also named John ) said , “tell joe not to cancel his trip, I think God wants this to happen “.  John and his friend Randy offered to drive from London to Barrie right then and pray over Joe ....which they did! After praying they asked Joe “ did you feel anything happen?" And Joe replied "no...but thanks anyway for your kindness”.

The next day Joe called me all excited, he said "SOMETHING  HAS HAPPENED! I feel like a new man! No pain, and able to function again! I think this trip is going to happen!"   

Joe and his son Jake (shaken Jake, of life 100.3 radio) flew to Africa Jan 2018 for a couple weeks to speak and share their story to African believers. Joe also came home and shared his story in a number of local churches.                  

Joes cancer continued to progress and many would pray and fast. Joe asked God to let him do a group motorcycle trip to the Ottawa area and back.  Again, God granted Joes request. A few of us rode our bikes up and back. Once more Joe was like a new man!            

This is now 2020 and Joes cancer has continued to progress BUT people continue to pray. Furthermore, God in His infinite mercy keeps answering. Joe has made a remarkable recovery AGAIN and told me yesterday that he and his wife Wendy have booked a Caribbean cruise for 7 days!  They are scheduled to leave Feb 5. Will it happen? God has done it before!

Whatever journey you are on, God wants to be in it WITH you.

-John Stanley