• Pastor Michael Coltman

Take Heart

Do you have a ‘finale’ to each day? Perhaps you’re a parent and it’s those few hours after the kids are in bed when you can unwind and reflect. Or maybe your ‘finale' begins when you pull in the laneway after a long day at work. We settle into our environment and look back at what happened over the course of the last 14+ hours. Some days we may feel exhausted and want to crawl into bed before we even take our shoes off. Sometimes while we reminisce about our mistakes, disappointments or hurts we may feel broken or defeated. The important thing to remember is that taking time to notice our hearts posture is the first step to laying down the burdens we’ve been carrying on our shoulders. It’s tempting to turn off the lights and watch Netflix when we feel the need to unwind. However, when we take a moment to recognize the components of heaviness and need in our hearts we make room for hope.

There is a really good reason why Jesus tells us so often in the Bible to ‘take heart’. This common phrase is meant to encourage someone; to instil optimism. In Matthew chapter 9 a paralyzed man was brought to Jesus laying on a mat. When Jesus saw the man He said “take heart son; your sins are forgiven” (verse 2). Of course the paralyzed man desired to be healed- but was his primary need to receive Jesus’s words of hope? We know that Jesus went on to heal his body. We also see in this story Christ’s authority to forgive sins on earth. However, at the root of it all lies a broken man vulnerable and needy before the Saviour.

Despite the conflicts, challenges and circumstances that we face each day, the words we often need to hear the most are: ‘take heart’. And the truth is that God, our loving father, longs to speak those words to us. He waits for us to pause and to recognize our need. It’s in these moments that His voice smooths over worries and doubts. See for yourself; the next time during your day’s ‘finale’ take time to reflect. Open your palms full of the day’s troubles and receive the reassuring words of Jesus, “take heart”.

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